Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Ohhh the Babbages

I remember the good old days when the mall by my house had this magical store named "Babbages", and quite a good name as Charles Babbage made the first (mechanical) computer. The store had all the goods, Turbo Grafx, Nes, Sega etc. Funny, I only remember caring about the Turbo Grafx stuff... Even though I had the Nintendo, and someone else had the TG... Anyway, the store in question, was nice rotund, and full of the good stuff. I swear on my game collection, they had a CRT monitor installed in the outside of the store that was touchscreen, back in like 1990 or maybe a few years earlier. Seriously, you could like press stuff on it, or maybe I was just young and thought I was pressing stuff, either way it was so cool, it definitely made a lasting impression.

The store was great, and then it actually expanded to the other side of the mall, and there were 2 stores in the same mall for a while! I have to imagine this was what heaven would be like to an old school gamer. Then eventually down the line Gamestop bought all the Funcolands (I kind of have mixed feelings for the Funcoland) and Babbages.

Eventually, I decided to sell a lot of my games at the Funcoland, as I guess I was not that interested, which I have no idea why... I am not even sure why I never bothered my parents to get a Super Nintendo, or Genesis?!

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