Wednesday, February 24, 2010

14 Turbo Grafx Games Needed: Magical Chase is #1

So, I have been collecting video games for a long time, maybe too long. It started with the NES, and I think I remember getting it from Service Merchandise, I think. That store was pimp, they had computers, basketballs, jewelery (not that I cared) stereos and etc. I think the NES was like $249.99, which does not seem that bad compared to a wii now-a-days, like 25 years later. That system was soo great... but I am reminiscing too much. Anyway, we had a Turbo Grafx, one of my favorite systems. It was so cool, and the Hu Cards were so money, like nothing I had ever seen (I did not know what the Sega Master System was until a few years ago). We lost a few of the cases and manuals, but I managed to get the 15 that I had as a kid, and I only need the case and manual for Gunboat, which is not that hard to find, probably. I only need like 14 more games, several of them are sports games, which are generally cheap. The one that will be the hardest is of course the chase. I think that someone bought all of them up, because they somehow knew it would be the last game that most people did. I think it is a conspiracy such as the Hunt Brothers and their illegal acquisition of most of the silver in the 1980's. Anywho, I cannot wait until I get all 93 or so, I think I will have a TG party!

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