Thursday, February 25, 2010

I remember when....

I remember when video games were fun, and easy. Now, they are difficult and take forever. I was trying to play little big planet with a friend. I put the disc in and started up the ps3. But, things did not go as planned... The ps3 wanted to update, which is ok, I guess. But, it needed 7 updates and the first one was 155 megabytes, yes, megabytes. It was taking so long we decided to play Super Mario Bros on the original Nintendo. We were having so much more fun than sitting there looking at the loading screen for the ps3. Right now, I got a different game, Burnout Paradise, as I love, love, love the OUTRUN series. Well, the same damn thing, 7 updates, and the first is 385 MEGABYTES! I mean seriously, it says it needs 13k on the box, but evidently this is a system update, and not just a game update, but I am not sure as it says Burnout Paradise V.190, but as I looked up 1.9 for Ps3, it looks like a system update. Either way, THIS SUCKS! There is nothing you can do, as "You cannot perform background download of this content." Which is just stupid, and every download that I have ever done on the ps3 (3 or so) have been the ones which do not allow you to do a background download. At the very least there should be a pong game, or something to do. This effectively blocks me from using my ps3 for OVER an HOUR! Maybe even two hours at the rate it is going... This is not only eating up 10% of my hard drive, but it is making me hate playing any new games on this thing.

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