Monday, August 2, 2010

Super Happy Awesome Time!

OH, btw... My girlfriend managed to get me out of the house on sat, for a few hours So I went thrifting and stuff... I come home and go in to the kitchen and 15 peeps yell surprise!

I was not even sure what happened... I got Rick Rolled...

Anyway, it was a surprise b-day party, there was beer, pizza, and a ton of people over... I then heard that we awere all rolling to NickelCity ( and I think I saw evilslefo there or his twin in a Bears jersey)...

There was over 2 hours of simpsons, TMNT, time crisis, ticket games (not so much) and all thefreeplay, although I did not get even a minute on the Neo Geo MVS KOTM!

My girlfriend wanted to invite all of you guys to the party, but she could not figure out how to contact you guys without me knowing... So I will;

I wanted to extend a super happy awesome party time with all of the videogames4trade members. If you join videogames4trade member forum and have at least one post (not about your stupid website or whatever) I will get you into the arcade free! They use nickels as game tokens, and they sell bags there...

So this limited time offer will only last until the actual super happy party time happens... Or until we have another one or something. Alex nor VG4T will be liable for lack of fun, accidents on the way, power outages, favorite games not being there and etc.

But seriously, lets try to do this on a weekend, maybe a sunday afternoon or something?

I just ask that you post a yes or no, we have to figure out a good date too....


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