Thursday, August 12, 2010

OMG 8 Turbo Grafx games needed, and shrinking...

I found a really cool seller with time cruise, sports competition and kick boxing, takes the turbo grafx games needed to SINGLE DIGITS!!!!!!!

I may even buy a few more from him, if he has what I need!! If anyone wants to send me a few games this is what I need turbo grafx 16 wise...

champions forever
davis cup
hit the ice
jack nickelson golf
magical chase
neutopia 2
super vollyball
world ct tennis

manual/cases needed for

Aeroblasters case and manual
air zonk manual, and box
bomberman 93 manual
bonk 3 manual
bravoman case/manual
chase hq manual case
darkwing duck manual
dead moon manual/case
dundeons and dragons order of the griffonth manual/case
falcon case
ghost manor case/manual
gunboat case/manual
impossamole case/manual
anything for magical chase
anything for neutopia 2
new adventure island case/manual
power golf case
r-type case/manual
raiden case/manaul
samarui ghost manual/case
shockman case/manual
silent debuggers case/manual
soldier blade case/manual
sommer assult case/manual
sonice spike case/manual
super star soldier case/manual
talespin case./manual
tiger road case/manual
turrican case/manual

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