Tuesday, August 3, 2010


So, I did not like the policy of gamestop selling me a hard to find DS game that you can learn French, as "new" but opened. I mean it is a DS game, there was no need for it to be opened. How many people really want to "play" a french game on the ds, maybe 7, but that is it. I am sure someone wanted to try it out or something, which is fine, they sell used games there too. But, they tried to charge me the full retail price when I tried to buy it.

I was not happy and voiced my concern that it was not "new" but clearly opened. The guy stated some BS, about how it was never played or this or that, we have to hide the games, cause people will steal it, or whatever... But that sucks, me the legitimate paying customer, has to accept a crappy opened game as "new" and pay the full price. Normally, I would say F that, but I really wanted the game, as it is kind of hard to find. I did enjoy reading about other people who have problems there, and saw this facebook group:


and got a laugh. It may be a matter of time until I am banned from gamestop, but then at least I can start my own vintage game store!

I absolutely loved babbages, and EBX, and then Gamestop took them over. Now, they have a ton of bad games, and not great selections, unless you like games made from movies. I also have NEVER traded anything into gamestop since I was a dumb kid and sold all of my Nintendo Nes games. I can only assume they give not so much, and then sell a newer game for $5 less than brand new, as I have seen that at the stores... You would do better putting it on craigslist. Or trading it on videogames4trade.com :)

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