Thursday, June 10, 2010

Strange Craigslist Stuff

OK, craigslist is getting annoying to buy video games from. There are so many scammers out there, emailing you and whatnot. They are just bots scouring CL and emailing every and any email on there, asking if "they can pick it up tomorrow", which is kind of strange, especially when you post an ad looking for something!

I wish CL could make it more difficult for scammers to email you, and permanently ban people forever...

I saw this title on CL today, and it made me laugh!

Sony PlayStation 3 Slim120 GB Black (I hate my Bf staying up till 3am)

Another thing I hate, is when someone posts some crazy price for something, such as vintage games like, 300 bucks for a genesis with 20 mediocre games, or 175 for a broken ps3 BC, or etc... But, the real kicker is when they to that and then say asking $300 firm. Well, when people say "asking" that is what they are asking, and not the firm price, they are usually willing to negotiate a bit.. But, when you say "firm" you are stating that your price will not be lowered, which is fine, if it is a decent deal. Combining the two does not really make any sense, so please stop it.

Thank you.

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