Saturday, March 20, 2010

PS3 Lightgun Lacking in terms of games?

OK, so I don't get this one. I am a huge PS2 guncon fan, and I think I own every ps2 game, a lot of NES, a few snes, one xbox, and so on. So, when I was looking at the PS3 Time Crisis 4 and thought it was amazing, I was shocked to see that there was one Guncon 3 game. And to add insult to injury, the game is 2 player, but the only way to get another gun, is to buy another bundle, and then use the other disc as a coaster or give it away, because not that many people will want it. Sony had so much potential to release amazing games, compliations and more, to make it worth it. The PS3 guncon3 is so cool, and feels so nice in your hands. Since mine is not backwards compatable, I don't know if I can use a Guncon3 with the ps2 games... Anyone know?

In my opinion, this is a huge fail!

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