Monday, February 13, 2012

Multiplayer games!

If you are into multiplayer, please add me!

PS3: Supernintendoze

xbox VG4T

3ds: 2921-9286-1244

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I just got into the Commodore 64 systems...

So, I got a Commodore 64, or C64 recently, and it seems like a lot of fun. I am going to try to get a few more games, as I don't have many!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Last Game for Turbo Grax 16 Needed!

OK, so it is official. I finally have gotten every single US release for Turbo Grafx 16 EXCEPT one! Obviously, Magical Chase. I even had a few chances to get it, but I turned them down for some reason, maybe because I am dumb... I am missing some cases, a couple manuals, but I have the 92 other games....

I wish I could have gotten Magical Chase back in the day, and still have the box, but I will settle for a beat up, scratched, dirty Hu Card! I am always looking on craigslist, and ebay, but it is hard to find...

I would love, love, love to find it so I can finally feel like I have completed something in my life! Even if it is just a video game collection!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

OMG 8 Turbo Grafx games needed, and shrinking...

I found a really cool seller with time cruise, sports competition and kick boxing, takes the turbo grafx games needed to SINGLE DIGITS!!!!!!!

I may even buy a few more from him, if he has what I need!! If anyone wants to send me a few games this is what I need turbo grafx 16 wise...

champions forever
davis cup
hit the ice
jack nickelson golf
magical chase
neutopia 2
super vollyball
world ct tennis

manual/cases needed for

Aeroblasters case and manual
air zonk manual, and box
bomberman 93 manual
bonk 3 manual
bravoman case/manual
chase hq manual case
darkwing duck manual
dead moon manual/case
dundeons and dragons order of the griffonth manual/case
falcon case
ghost manor case/manual
gunboat case/manual
impossamole case/manual
anything for magical chase
anything for neutopia 2
new adventure island case/manual
power golf case
r-type case/manual
raiden case/manaul
samarui ghost manual/case
shockman case/manual
silent debuggers case/manual
soldier blade case/manual
sommer assult case/manual
sonice spike case/manual
super star soldier case/manual
talespin case./manual
tiger road case/manual
turrican case/manual

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Turbo Grafx Games needed; Dwindling

Extra News Flash:

My list of 20 something, then, 18, then 15, now something like 14. 14 Turbo Grafx games that I need to complete my collection. This is somewhat of an epic feat. I have been collecting (vintage rotary telephones, video games, and other strange stuff), but never have I completed a collection.

I can't remember the last time I did something epic, I mean really epic, like releasing the crackin epic. Moving the earth epic, epic song, and so on.

I am not sure of the actual amount of the games needed, but it is 14 or less. I managed to find the Legend of Hero Tonma loose on ebay for a BIN good deal. And then today, I saw a little Bomberman 93 action that I needed too.

I will have to have a post every time I get a new game after I am 10 games and under.

Still magical chase will be a biznatch, I hope it can be the last game, to complete this epic feat. If you have magical chase, please make sure to sell it to me. I have posted ads all over, and have been looking, but alas...

Last NES game needed to complete childhood collection

YEAH! I finally got "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" for the nes, or Nintendo Entertainment System. I believe it is the last game that I had as a kid, and lost, traded or sold it...

I even found it on ebay, waited, and bid and won. And then the seller was incarcerated, maybe it was a sign that someone or something did not want me to have this game!

Anyway, one of my favorite craigslist sellers, came to my rescue and sold me RR and like 13 other nes games that I didn't actually have...

Now, I can put the games in my wooden nes box and pretend it is 1989 or something....

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


So, I did not like the policy of gamestop selling me a hard to find DS game that you can learn French, as "new" but opened. I mean it is a DS game, there was no need for it to be opened. How many people really want to "play" a french game on the ds, maybe 7, but that is it. I am sure someone wanted to try it out or something, which is fine, they sell used games there too. But, they tried to charge me the full retail price when I tried to buy it.

I was not happy and voiced my concern that it was not "new" but clearly opened. The guy stated some BS, about how it was never played or this or that, we have to hide the games, cause people will steal it, or whatever... But that sucks, me the legitimate paying customer, has to accept a crappy opened game as "new" and pay the full price. Normally, I would say F that, but I really wanted the game, as it is kind of hard to find. I did enjoy reading about other people who have problems there, and saw this facebook group:

and got a laugh. It may be a matter of time until I am banned from gamestop, but then at least I can start my own vintage game store!

I absolutely loved babbages, and EBX, and then Gamestop took them over. Now, they have a ton of bad games, and not great selections, unless you like games made from movies. I also have NEVER traded anything into gamestop since I was a dumb kid and sold all of my Nintendo Nes games. I can only assume they give not so much, and then sell a newer game for $5 less than brand new, as I have seen that at the stores... You would do better putting it on craigslist. Or trading it on :)

Why don't I like Paperboy?

So, I was just thinking...

I love video games (obviously), and I love bicycling/mopeding...

So, why is there so much hatred for paperboy? I am not really sure. I think I just have not given it a fair chance. I mean, I remember the amazingly cool arcade paperboy games, where they had a bicycle handlebar, and you controlled it and whatnot I even got Paperboy 2 for the original Nintendo...

I guess putting newspapers in people's mailboxes must be the actual aversion to the game. I actually enjoy reading newspapers, but virtually throwing them in mailboxes is something I will try again and see if I enjoy it....

Monday, August 2, 2010

Super Happy Awesome Time!

OH, btw... My girlfriend managed to get me out of the house on sat, for a few hours So I went thrifting and stuff... I come home and go in to the kitchen and 15 peeps yell surprise!

I was not even sure what happened... I got Rick Rolled...

Anyway, it was a surprise b-day party, there was beer, pizza, and a ton of people over... I then heard that we awere all rolling to NickelCity ( and I think I saw evilslefo there or his twin in a Bears jersey)...

There was over 2 hours of simpsons, TMNT, time crisis, ticket games (not so much) and all thefreeplay, although I did not get even a minute on the Neo Geo MVS KOTM!

My girlfriend wanted to invite all of you guys to the party, but she could not figure out how to contact you guys without me knowing... So I will;

I wanted to extend a super happy awesome party time with all of the videogames4trade members. If you join videogames4trade member forum and have at least one post (not about your stupid website or whatever) I will get you into the arcade free! They use nickels as game tokens, and they sell bags there...

So this limited time offer will only last until the actual super happy party time happens... Or until we have another one or something. Alex nor VG4T will be liable for lack of fun, accidents on the way, power outages, favorite games not being there and etc.

But seriously, lets try to do this on a weekend, maybe a sunday afternoon or something?

I just ask that you post a yes or no, we have to figure out a good date too....


Monday, July 26, 2010

eBay is always fun to buy games

So I really need Who Framed Roger Rabbit for Nes, as I believe it is the last game I had as a child, that was sold back to funcoland, and I even got the Game and Watch Safebuster that I lost...

So, I bought it on ebay, and thought everything was ok, until I got this message!

"This case has been opened by the seller with the following reason: Other.
Additional information provided by the seller: Seller incarcerated indefinitely. I am trying to close the account for him."

I have never seen anything like this before but I would love to get some more info on this... I feel bad for this guy....


The best part of this whole thing, (although I understand people go to jail for stuff, die, or move and don't care about their stupid ebay stuff), ebay was the party who ended the auction. I bid, and won, and then I paid after the seller started sending me non-payer thingies, even though I was on vacation and had no internet on my phone, think deep seas... Best part was after all of that, ebay still has not refunded my money! I mean what a load of crap, they end it, after I pay, and then I have to do something to get my money back, this is crazy! The very fact that the auction was ended, should have triggered a refund, thanks Meg Whitman... I am still waiting for my refund!

Back from Vacation!

So, I am back from vacation! I was in Alaska and Victoria, and I was trying to find some cool vintage games to pick up!

I also missed the "largest game store in Victoria" or something like that... My ship came in about an hour too late...

I did manage to score 2 games, Mad World (50% off at lamestop, and F-15 Nes game (unlicensed) at a clothing/game store...

I was unable to get what I really wanted :(, but maybe there is time...

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Fake Craigslist Posts for video games

What is with people pretending they have craigslist items I am asking for, but not actually having them?

I mean a while ago I was looking for stadium events, just the game... And a ton of people emailed me. So, I thought I would be able to pick up a copy. But, alas, it was all BS. One person "had a copy" with his nes, and a couple other games and gave me a very reasonable price, and I was like ok. And then an hour later he accused me of trying to rip him off, even though he was the one who suggested a price...

Another person was like oh, yeah, I have it, I heard it is a bad game, my kids never opened it from Kmart... And then, he never responded again.

And so on and so forth. I think some people have a sick/twisted idea of fun, by telling people they have amazing video game finds, and are going to let them go cheaply, and then ignore, or lie about it..

I was just talking to someone recently about buying a lot of games, some really excellent and choice games, and he offered me a price, which I thought was kind of high, but definitely very reasonable for everything... After 5 days of me trying to get his phone number to set something up, I said I didn't think he was serious, as he was not. He got all angry, and was like I will sell it to someone else. What a d-bag! It wasn't for real anyway...

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Strange Craigslist Stuff

OK, craigslist is getting annoying to buy video games from. There are so many scammers out there, emailing you and whatnot. They are just bots scouring CL and emailing every and any email on there, asking if "they can pick it up tomorrow", which is kind of strange, especially when you post an ad looking for something!

I wish CL could make it more difficult for scammers to email you, and permanently ban people forever...

I saw this title on CL today, and it made me laugh!

Sony PlayStation 3 Slim120 GB Black (I hate my Bf staying up till 3am)

Another thing I hate, is when someone posts some crazy price for something, such as vintage games like, 300 bucks for a genesis with 20 mediocre games, or 175 for a broken ps3 BC, or etc... But, the real kicker is when they to that and then say asking $300 firm. Well, when people say "asking" that is what they are asking, and not the firm price, they are usually willing to negotiate a bit.. But, when you say "firm" you are stating that your price will not be lowered, which is fine, if it is a decent deal. Combining the two does not really make any sense, so please stop it.

Thank you.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

PS3 Lightgun Lacking in terms of games?

OK, so I don't get this one. I am a huge PS2 guncon fan, and I think I own every ps2 game, a lot of NES, a few snes, one xbox, and so on. So, when I was looking at the PS3 Time Crisis 4 and thought it was amazing, I was shocked to see that there was one Guncon 3 game. And to add insult to injury, the game is 2 player, but the only way to get another gun, is to buy another bundle, and then use the other disc as a coaster or give it away, because not that many people will want it. Sony had so much potential to release amazing games, compliations and more, to make it worth it. The PS3 guncon3 is so cool, and feels so nice in your hands. Since mine is not backwards compatable, I don't know if I can use a Guncon3 with the ps2 games... Anyone know?

In my opinion, this is a huge fail!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

PS3 Outage (outrage)?

OK, so I am not sure if you guys heard, but there was an outage for people with the phat ps3. Evidently, if you had the older ps3, Sony recommended not to go online, play games, or otherwise turn the unit on for at least 24 hours. I just checked the "official ps3 blog" at , and the problem was not even on the first page. It was really glossed over, as early adopters who bought the ps3, before the slim, had about 2 days of not being able, or not recommended to use their ps3. There was not much info about it, as most likely it was embarrassing to Sony as this is their new cash cow. At the very least Sony, you owe us a free game on the PSN, a free blu ray, or something. I mean seriously, I could not do anything. "It only does nothing (for like two days)."

Thursday, February 25, 2010

I remember when....

I remember when video games were fun, and easy. Now, they are difficult and take forever. I was trying to play little big planet with a friend. I put the disc in and started up the ps3. But, things did not go as planned... The ps3 wanted to update, which is ok, I guess. But, it needed 7 updates and the first one was 155 megabytes, yes, megabytes. It was taking so long we decided to play Super Mario Bros on the original Nintendo. We were having so much more fun than sitting there looking at the loading screen for the ps3. Right now, I got a different game, Burnout Paradise, as I love, love, love the OUTRUN series. Well, the same damn thing, 7 updates, and the first is 385 MEGABYTES! I mean seriously, it says it needs 13k on the box, but evidently this is a system update, and not just a game update, but I am not sure as it says Burnout Paradise V.190, but as I looked up 1.9 for Ps3, it looks like a system update. Either way, THIS SUCKS! There is nothing you can do, as "You cannot perform background download of this content." Which is just stupid, and every download that I have ever done on the ps3 (3 or so) have been the ones which do not allow you to do a background download. At the very least there should be a pong game, or something to do. This effectively blocks me from using my ps3 for OVER an HOUR! Maybe even two hours at the rate it is going... This is not only eating up 10% of my hard drive, but it is making me hate playing any new games on this thing.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Ohhh the Babbages

I remember the good old days when the mall by my house had this magical store named "Babbages", and quite a good name as Charles Babbage made the first (mechanical) computer. The store had all the goods, Turbo Grafx, Nes, Sega etc. Funny, I only remember caring about the Turbo Grafx stuff... Even though I had the Nintendo, and someone else had the TG... Anyway, the store in question, was nice rotund, and full of the good stuff. I swear on my game collection, they had a CRT monitor installed in the outside of the store that was touchscreen, back in like 1990 or maybe a few years earlier. Seriously, you could like press stuff on it, or maybe I was just young and thought I was pressing stuff, either way it was so cool, it definitely made a lasting impression.

The store was great, and then it actually expanded to the other side of the mall, and there were 2 stores in the same mall for a while! I have to imagine this was what heaven would be like to an old school gamer. Then eventually down the line Gamestop bought all the Funcolands (I kind of have mixed feelings for the Funcoland) and Babbages.

Eventually, I decided to sell a lot of my games at the Funcoland, as I guess I was not that interested, which I have no idea why... I am not even sure why I never bothered my parents to get a Super Nintendo, or Genesis?!

14 Turbo Grafx Games Needed: Magical Chase is #1

So, I have been collecting video games for a long time, maybe too long. It started with the NES, and I think I remember getting it from Service Merchandise, I think. That store was pimp, they had computers, basketballs, jewelery (not that I cared) stereos and etc. I think the NES was like $249.99, which does not seem that bad compared to a wii now-a-days, like 25 years later. That system was soo great... but I am reminiscing too much. Anyway, we had a Turbo Grafx, one of my favorite systems. It was so cool, and the Hu Cards were so money, like nothing I had ever seen (I did not know what the Sega Master System was until a few years ago). We lost a few of the cases and manuals, but I managed to get the 15 that I had as a kid, and I only need the case and manual for Gunboat, which is not that hard to find, probably. I only need like 14 more games, several of them are sports games, which are generally cheap. The one that will be the hardest is of course the chase. I think that someone bought all of them up, because they somehow knew it would be the last game that most people did. I think it is a conspiracy such as the Hunt Brothers and their illegal acquisition of most of the silver in the 1980's. Anywho, I cannot wait until I get all 93 or so, I think I will have a TG party!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

No more vintage stuff?

So, I got a really good deal on a PS3, so I had to do it! I had a ps3 a long long time ago.. I basically bought one at best buy like 3 years ago, right when they came out. I wanted to buy one, but I did not get up at like 2 am to wait at a store. But, I did go to BB after a final to get some headphones or something. It was just my luck, I saw someone carrying a ps3 box into the store. At this point they were impossible to get so I was kind of interested. This unnamed person, evidently did not want it anymore or something, and they returned it. I was not stalking them, I merely was seeing what was going on. I asked an employee what would happen if it went back on sale, and she said it would; and she pointed to the video game area. The other sales person dropped it off, and seconds later I snatched it up like a vulture. I brought it up to the sales counter and I paid for it. It was like $630, but I didn't care, they were impossible to get. Anyway, I drove home like for 4 and a half hours, went to blockbuster, got some games, bought another game at best buy, and sat down to play. I open the box and started hooking everything up. Then was the moment of truth, about ready to play. Only one thing, there was no remote. The BB I got it at, evidently was too dumb to check and see if there was a controller, and I was just as dumb not to open it up and make sure everything was there. Anyway, it was a huge hassle, I had to call up several stores, sony, and no dice. Eventually I had to talk to the general manager at the store and by this time they had tons of ps3s brand new in the box, so the switched it out. I played it for like 29 days and returned it, I was pissed.

But, I did happen to find one online, and I had to get it. I found Full Auto 2 Battlelines the same game I had rented when I had the system, I really like that game. I found it for a good deal at a used bookstore, and I am a happy camper now. I have to say it is really cool, and fun, but it is huge compared to the wii, obviously. I don't have any blue ray, nor do I have any TVs with hdmi, and so on. I know, I just got a ps3, so I am behind on the times.. And now, my old roomate, can't borrow my ps3 without asking, for a couple days, while I was away, which is nice...

I do still play the original nintendo, so I am way behind the times...

Friday, February 12, 2010

Video Games 4 Trade!

Hey, I just got my blogspot up and running! I hope it will be as cool as I think it is! I hope you guys stop by and or go to,

is a link to my site!